3 Signs You’re A Horrible Boss!

Unfortunately, most employees will encounter at least one terrible boss during their career.

If you’ve had the displeasure of working under an awful manager, you know all too well the damaging effect they can have.

The quality of a boss can make or break a role.

A good boss can build you up, keep you motivated, and champion your personal development. They can keep you satisfied and smiling, making that 1-to-1 review a much less intimidating affair.

On the other hand, a bad boss can suck the life out of you, leaving you frustrated, unmotivated and unappreciated. Ultimately, they can be a source of great unhappiness and even push you towards the exit door.

If they’re bad enough, they might have scarred you from working under any manager at all, driving you to start your own business – so it appears they can be good for something!

Reaching ‘boss’ status.

If you’ve endured the tyrannical reign of an awful boss, you may have pledged never to make the same mistakes when you eventually reached their position!

After these experiences, if you now find yourself in a managerial position – either by starting your own business or through promotion – what kind of boss do you think you are?

Imagine, after years of criticising your ‘higher-ups’, finally reaching their position and then finding out that you are in fact, the boss from hell! A scary thought!

Hold off on the panic just yet – keep reading! Here’s the 3 classic signs that you’re a bad boss!

1. You’re a control freak

Do you hate the idea of not being involved in decision making? Do you struggle to trust your employees’ judgment?

Wanting the best for your business is only natural. You’ve poured your heart and soul into it and you can’t bear the thought of something going wrong! No one can begrudge you for that.

You might think that being involved in everything is good – you’re being attentive and simply doing your due diligence. This is what a good manager should do, right?

To some degree, yes. However, if you can’t relinquish control or delegate your responsibilities, there might be trouble brewing.

Without personal agency, your team will think you don’t believe in them or their ability, leaving them feeling untrusted, unappreciated, and unmotivated.

Dialling back your control and delegating responsibility will keep your employees engaged with their role and their work. Enhanced responsibility is a great way to energise a lacklustre employee.

The bottom line…

Employees want to feel wanted. They want to feel valued.

Give your team a little more room to manoeuvre and see what difference it makes.

2. Your communication is lacking

How often do you check in with your employees? Daily, weekly, monthly… yearly?!

Not regularly touching base can lead to mountains forming from molehills. Small problems can fester without the opportunity to discuss them. Likewise, if standards start to slip, a regular catch-up will ensure the problem is resolved early and nipped in the bud – to everyone’s benefit.

Additionally, the isolation of working from home can seriously affect productivity. Regular catch-ups are a great way to keep your team focused, motivated and on track.

3. You aren’t consistent

Do all of your employees get the same treatment? Are the same allowances offered to all of your team?

If your conduct is not consistent, favourites in the ranks might start to appear. If other staff members believe you have ‘favourites’, it will only breed contempt.

The greater the inconsistencies, the greater the wedge that will be driven between employee and manager. This will cause problems with wider team relationships and, ultimately, lead to a hostile work environment.

To prevent this, make sure your decision-making process is clear and detailed. Of course, as the boss, you don’t have to justify your decision to anyone. However, if logical steps are consistently applied, you reduce the chance of a disgruntled employee in your ranks.

Managing doesn’t come with a manual

If you’d rather save yourself the headache from managing difficult employees, outsourcing could be the solution.

Outsourcing your business’ workloads provides you with the support you need without the phaff of employment, saving you time and energy on mountains of admin and personal disputes!

If you want the resource without the hassle, contact VIVA Support!

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