The Wonderful World of Formatting

Formatting – everyone’s pet hate.

Why won’t that align?… Why is that white space there?… Where has that font come from?!

We’ve all heard those cries of despair accompanied with a fist hitting a keyboard or a palm meeting a forehead.

Is there anything more frustrating than Microsoft Word, Excel, or WordPress not behaving, even when you’re almost certain you’ve done everything right?

Where’s a talking paper clip when you need one?!

We’ve had a lot of enquires recently relating to creating templates, formatting documents, and editing copy.

At VIVA Support, we’ve felt your pain, we’ve faced your issues, and we’ve come out the other side fighting. Throughout our careers’, we’ve endured those hours of pain so you don’t have to – take that ‘Clippy’!

An experienced VA is no longer phased by Mailchimp’s sluggish load times, Google Sheet’s dodgy keyboard shortcuts, or Microsoft Outlook’s latest send and receive error.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you’re not just paying for their time, but for their expertise. The real value is not within the rate of pay, but within the experience you’re acquiring.

We know that everyone doesn’t have that experience, so we’ve decided to share our knowledge in an upcoming series of mini-blogs, dedicated to helping you navigate the daunting world of formatting.

There’ll be some handy tips and tricks to prevent those format induced fits of rage, so don’t miss it!

Take a deep breath, have a big gulp of tea, and relax. Help is on its way…

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